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Our Kennel has been officially registered in FCI and BRFC (Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology) with the name “French Mafia” in the beginning of 2013, the certificate № 23/2013, owner Gergana Kostadinova.

 All our dogs are completely healthy and full are examination held annually in the veterinary clinic. We use high quality European vaccines and anthelmintics.

If you are planning to purchase a puppy from our kennel, please read some of the principles of our work:

1.All our puppies have FCI-BRFC Pedigree (export if needed), microchip, EU veterinary passport.

2. We sell only healthy and vaccinated by age puppies. All our puppies are treated against parasites several times before leaving our home.
3. We do not sell puppies younger than 2 months. You can choose and reserve a puppy at any age, but it will not leave our house until 8 weeks.
 4. All puppies receive a veterinary passport stamped with vaccinations that carries the stamp of the state hospital. We use vaccines that are recognized all over the world – Nobivac, Rabisin, Duramune.
 6. We also have the ability to sell puppies at podroschennyh objective reasons. Terms of overexposure are discussed individually.
 7. We are ready to sell the puppies owners not interested in the show and breeding career of their pets, but ready to love and respect my dog.
 8. First and foremost, we want to be sure that our kids will have the warmest,most responsible and loving family.

We do NOT sell puppies:
1. To kennels that keep their dogs mainly caged and isolated.
 2.In the home, where the number of dogs exceeds the capabilities of content.
(In this case we know of breeders who are in perfect condition dozens of dogs, and those who are not able to provide normal conditions for even one).
 3.Puppies that are meant as a gift to someone without the consent of the “target”.
 4. Puppies “for children” if the parents are not aware of the fact that the dog will have to take care of themselves.

It’s very important to us when you are interest in our puppies to say something about you.We don’t sale puppies to anyone so, please explain yourself, where you live, something about your family, your experience with dogs etc.


FCI 23/2013